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who we are and why we're here.

who we are ...

We are stylists just like you. We're behind the chair doing color and extensions every day ... just like you. 

why we're here ...

We're here because 8 years ago ... we took a certification class to learn hand tied extensions. What we got  (for the thousands of dollars we spent) was a bunch of clients with damaged hair and bald spots. We loved the IDEA of beads and string, but what we had been taught was just wrong. We knew we could do better, so we did. We worked together over the next year focusing on creating an installation method that is 100% damage free.

why we stayed ...

We know what we've created is great and we're eager to share it, but at a cost to stylists that makes some darn sense. There are hundreds of classes being taught right now, and some of them cost up to $10,000 with the average being about $2,000. Why is this? It's because these large companies are taking advantage of our eagerness to learn. We've priced our class at the bare minimum cost. It covers your kit and supplies, 50 grams of hair, compensation for your coach, and shipping.

how's the hair?

It's great. We manufacture machine sewn hair, genius wefts, no sew butterfly wefts, halos and toppers. All are 80% density, meaning its as thick at the ends as it is at the top. A full, 100 gram, 18" install on average density hair takes only 3 wefts. Seriously.

Because we teach to custom color your wefts for a perfect blend with your clients hair, we offer only 5 basic shades in 3 lengths, meaning you can easily and inexpensively hold a full stock of extensions in your salon,  ready to be customized at a moments notice.

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