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Double-drawn dream wefts...

Our exclusive new double drawn dream wefts are 80% density from top to bottom. What does this mean for you? It means less wefts for your installation, and a lower investment, resulting in a much fuller look.

straight forward pricing ...

We don't mess around. The prices listed below are based on the average amount of hair needed for the average client, and include all custom color work.

14"  $485 - $875 +
18"  $565 - $1030 +
22"  $ 1070 +

what's next?

schedule a free consultation! During the consultation, your HEVN stylist will demonstrate and explain the HEVN extension method. She ( He) will also use this time to assess your specific needs as far as length, density and color. Remember ... all HEVN hair is custom colored specifically for you ... and this is included in your price. Should you decide to move forward, a non refundable deposit is placed, and your appointment is scheduled.

Click the links below to schedule at one of our Colorado salons, or to find a certified HEVN stylist near you!

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