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no sew butterfly wefts.

hands on.


See what all the Butterfly Weft rage is about! 

The butterfly method is the latest in the extension world. These no sew wefts are quick and easy to install, and comfortable and invisible for the client.

This hands on class includes live demo and instruction, Q+A session, a hands on portion broken down into small groups to make sure you're receiving individualized attention, a full HEVN extension butterfly weft kit (including practice hair) and lunch. You will provide a mannequin head and stand. We won't leave until you're 100% confident.

online ...

Not only are we busy stylists too who understand how valuable your time is ... but we also feel like education should be easily accessible and affordable for everyone. 

The most important part of our online course, and something that sets us apart is the inclusion of a personal coach. The moment you sign up, you are assigned to one of our many HEVN extension educators. That person is available to you at anytime via text, phone or FaceTime to answer all of your questions, offer tips and tricks, and help you work through any struggles. Once you've joined us ... you're a part of our team!

This course is broken down into sections to make it super easy to be able to go back and review where needed. You'll learn the basics of how to install our damage free method of extensions, custom coloring, the invisible weft method, and all of our tricks and secrets.

Note: The online course does not include instruction on the No Sew Volume Weft installation.

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