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extension care
+ maintenance.

Are you in love with your new hair? We knew you would be, but here's the deal ... if you don't care for your extensions properly, you'll ruin them, and that will suck.

PLEASE read through our care instructions and follow them closely. You just spent a ton of money so let's make the most of your investment.

wash + condition.

brush + blow

+ Using a wet brush, begin brushing at the ends of your hair and work your way up.

+ Separate wefts and take care to brush everything out smoothly.

+ Always apply a heat protectant. We recommend a cocktail of Mr. Smith Leave in and Serum for heat protection, smoothness + shine.

+ Rough dry or allow to dry naturally to 80%, then section by section, blow dry your wefts smooth with a round brush the rest of the way.

+ You must be sure that your weft tops are dry.


+ Do not sleep with wet wefts.

+ Wear hair up in a loose bun or down in loose braids for sleeping. It is NOT recommended to sleep with your hair loose.

what happened?

If you are experiencing excessive dryness or tangling ... these are the questions we're going to ask you. Check this list first, and then give us a call. We'll figure it out!

+ Water. You may have hard water at your house, even if you don't think so. Installing an inexpensive water softener is easy and can do wonders for your skin and hair.

+ Products. Some products are packed full of alcohols and other stuff thats REAL bad for extension hair. Remember that your wefts aren't getting the oils and nutrients from your body and scalp that your real hair is, so moisturizing products are so important. Some drug store products can cause build up on your wefts which will definitely cause breakage.

+ Weather. Dry, cold weather makes everything dry, including your wefts. Give them some extra love during the winter.

+ Sweaters and hoodies. The bulk of a hood resting underneath your wefts will cause tangling. This is fine ... just brush your hair carefully throughout the day to keep the tangles manageable. Sweaters on the other hand can cause a lot of problems. The acrylic in the sweater will literally suck the moisture right out of your hair and leave it dry and quite mad. Be sure to give your wefts some extra conditioning afterwards.

+ Purple Shampoo. The way purple shampoo works is to open the hair cuticle to cover the brassy tones in violet. Opening the hair cuticle on extension hair is not advisable, If you feel your blonde has become brassy or off tone, make an appointment with your stylists to refresh the color with an ammonia free toner.

+ Swimming. Bad news. Neither chlorine or salt water are good.

+ Cutting. Do not cut your extensions yourself unless you have a VERY nice, very expensive set of professional sheers. Dull scissors will cause the hairs to split which will cause irrepairable damage + matting. Call your stylist! We are more than happy to make adjustments for you.

+ NO Coloring! For several reasons, but ONE, extensions have been chemically altered in a big way and therefore, they don't take color the way regular hair would. You're likely to end up with something VERY different than what you intended. TWO, your stylist will use a very gentle ammonia free product to color your hair for you. Permanent hair color may ruin your hair depending on what you use. Again, Call your stylist. Color adjustments are easily and safely done in the salon.

+ Brush thoroughly to remove any tangles and prevent matting B E F O R E showering.

+ Use a sulfate free shampoo + conditioner. There's always something new and awesome out there, so ask your stylist for suggestions.

Some of our faves are Mr. Smith hydrating shampoo + conditioner, the Unite Silky Smooth System and of course, K18. Do not use volumizing products.

+ Gently shampoo your natural hair, and in between your rows. Do not scrub your extensions with shampoo. Rinsing the shampoo used on the top of your hair through your extensions is plenty.

+ Rinse very, very well. Be sure to rinse between your rows as any shampoo left behind there can itch like crazy later.

+ Apply conditioner. Your wefts simply LOVE moisture, so pack it on and let it soak. Be sure to use proper conditioners as suggested by your stylist. Again, we HIGHLY recommend Mr. Smith and K18.

+ Use a wet brush or wide tooth comb to evenly distribute conditioner through your wefts. Start at the bottom and work your way up.

+ Rinse well in COOL water. Cool water helps to lay the cuticle of the hair back down and seal in that conditioner. 

+ Using a hydrating mask once a week or so is recommended and again, we suggest

Mr. Smith products. After allowing the mask to penetrate your hair as directed, rinse with luke warm water, and apply your regular conditioner. When ready, rinse conditioner with cool water to seal.

day to day life.

+ Brush your hair several times per day to keep it shiny and tangle free.

+ Extensions love oil. Ask your stylist for her recommendation and use it daily.

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