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Welcome! The fact that you're here says something ... either you're an extension stylist looking for something DIFFERENT, or you're new to the extension game and looking for where to begin.


Let me start by telling you a little bit about us. HEVN Extensions was created by a group of stylists. Just like you, we were entranced and obsessed and wanted to put extensions on every client that walked through our door. The problem was that we were seeing SO MUCH DAMAGE to our clients hair from the methods we had learned. We knew there had to be a better way... so we created one! We worked and we tested for over a year, making sure that what we were creating made sense.

another method?

Yes. Another method ... to go along with the hundreds already out there. BUT, what we came up with is a very basic concept. An even distribution of weight ensures that no particular area of the hair is bearing more weight than the next. All hairs are kept in their natural fall, meaning there is no over directed hair being pulled and manipulated into place.

The result? After a year of testing, and 4 years of using this method in our salons, we have yet to have a single client experience hair loss or damage from wearing HEVN extensions. That's HUGE.

Yes ... we know that every brand and method says this. And it's frustrating as heck, right? There's literally nothing worse than beginning a move up or tightening service on a client and realizing her hair has been pulled from her scalp.

guaranteed. seriously.

So ... how about this? A guarantee. We guarantee that by using the HEVN method, your clients will absolutely, 100%, pinky swear PROMISE, not experience bald spots or hair loss. Guaranteed as in ... we'll give you back the money you spent on our class if it happens.


You may be so frustrated with the current installation method that you're doing, that you're ready to learn our method right now. You sure can by clicking the button below, but keep reading anyway to learn more about what we do.

but whyyyyyy are certification classes so expensive?

Honestly? We have no freaking clue. There are classes out there for over 10k with the average being $2000. Why? It's because these huge companies are taking full advantage of us. They know we're all itching to learn and to get those extension clients in our chairs, so they throw together an installation method, (giving zero care or thought into the damage being caused by what they are teaching) they throw a million dollars into an ad budget so we begin to recognize their names, and they take all our money until we begin to realize that what they've taught us to do BLOWS and doesn't work.

three hundred and ninety five bones.

Our online class is $395. And here's the 100% transparent breakdown ...


the kit. $165 value.

We send you a full kit (it's super cute.) It includes a leather zipper case, pliers, needles, clips, beading tool, scissors, 4 colors of 5mm silicone lined beads (1000 of each) a color ring, and a full roll of our super secret string.


the hair. $135 value.

we include 50 grams of our HEVN dream wefts in 14" length. This hair is DREAMY. It's machine sewn so it can be perfectly fit to your clients head and 80% density from top to ends

( it's THICK ) This is enough hair to practice and learn, and can be used on a client afterwards! We send a light blonde so it can be used in the custom coloring portion of our class.

the coach. $50

as soon as you sign up, you are assigned a personal coach. Your coach is available at anytime via phone, text or FaceTime to answer questions and help you in any in any way. Use your coach! She got $50 of your class fee to help you learn so don't be shy! 

[ this is Carly.

She's awesome at extensions, can help you with anything, and she's super sweet ]


so that's where $350 of the $395 class fee goes. The remaining $45 goes to shipping your kit and hair, and the rest goes to our little company.

We do this because it's the right thing to do. We do this because it's tough on all of us when stylists are learning methods that damage clients hair and giving extensions a bad rap. We do this because we're proud of what we've created and are excited to share it, and we do this because we think the extension certification industry is out of control with their high, high, high prices and taking advantage of us all.

You're probably ready to get started learning, right?

Go ahead and purchase the class, but then come back because we have a lot more to say that you're gonna want to hear.

our hair story.

When we first started this little company, we were manufacturing, using and selling hand tied wefts. At the time, they were great, but there were things we didn't love.

First, there's only so much hair that can be tied onto a hand tied weft and keep them stable. This means the hair is pretty thin. So ... that's ok I guess, because you can stack them, right? You can simply keep adding wefts on top of each other until you achieve the density that you need. That's fine ... but then you find yourself stacking 4 or 6 wefts per row, and suddenly, the fine, tiny, dainty weft is a huge, bulky stack and those little suckers can be tough to wrangle and sew. Purpose defeated.

Next, hand tied wefts cannot be cut to fit your clients head. Some will say to go ahead and cut, then glue the ends, but if you've done that, you know it doesn't work. The client hates the feel of the hard chunk of glue at their temple, and it breaks down and falls part anyway.

Fold the ends over? Nope. This creates the most uncomfortable bulk, and for most clients, that bulk is almost impossible to hide.

So. No cutting means you're stuck with what you've got. We would remedy this situation by sectioning the row in a much deeper tilt than necessary in order to make it fit correctly. It seems like the problem is solved until you start stacking those wefts to achieve that density. Now, you've got a big, bulky stack of wefts right at the temple. Yuck.

Lastly, that density tho. We need to be able to have the desired density all the way through, with very little weight on the beads, and no bulk at the scalp. Hand tied wefts are simply and unfortunately not the answer.

oh! hello dream wefts!

Our solution to all of these problems. We created Dream Wefts in order to perfect the HEVN method and allow us to create the most perfect installs. 

Dream wefts are machine sewn. This means we can add a TON of thick, beautiful hair to each weft. 80% density to be exact, which means they are as thick at the bottom as they are at the top. One 12" section of Dream Weft is equal to 3 hand tied wefts. This is cool and everything, but do you get what this means?? This means instead of stacking hand tied wefts and creating bulk, you're able to achieve the perfect density with 1 or 2 dream wefts per row. Game. Changer.

A full 18" install on an average density client is THREE WEFTS. Yep.

Moving on ... cut to fit. Every head you work on is unique, right? The ability to cut the wefts is important and necessary for so many reasons other than the size of the clients head. More than likely, you don't want more than one weft right at the temple. It's bulky, uncomfortable, and tough for the client to hide when wearing their hair up. When you have the ability to customize, you can cut the other wefts shorter and place them a bit back from the face, leaving you with comfort and ease at the temple, yet fullness where it's needed.



We get it. You're super excited about these dream wefts. You're more than welcome to place an order now, but you're going to wonder why there are very few colors to choose from, and also ... once you've taken our online course you'll get a discount on the hair, so you might want to keep reading before you dive in.

Let us explain a bit more ...



I don't care how many shades of blonde are available on a color ring to order because it's not going to be perfect once it's installed. Each client has their own shade and unique dimension, root color and lowlight. You can achieve a flawless, perfect blend for them by custom coloring for each individual client.

Does this take extra time? Yes. It does. But does that mean super happy clients, incredible results and lots of referrals? Uh huh. Yes. Yes it does.

It's also much simpler than it sounds, and we teach this in our class. Our clients love that we do this, and it's a large part of what sets us apart from our local competitors. We get a flawless result every time, and clients love that.

Because we're customizing each set, we carry just a few base tones of hair to work with. What this means for you ... and listen, because this is huge ... it means that you can actually keep a full stock of hair in your salon for impulsive clients at very little cost. Imagine trying to do this with a huge company that offers 100 shades. 


Did you really just ask that? Maybe you didn't read everything above. Maybe you should scroll up and start over.


Maybe you've been convinced that these huge companies ( that are not behind the chair and not working on actual clients ) are teaching you more because the price tag is so high.

Maybe you're jaded because you've spent a lot of money and a lot of time learning, yet you're still seeing damage and problems and less than perfect results, and you're losing as many extension clients as you gain because of this.

Maybe you're a new stylist or new to the extension game and you're completely overwhelmed by the huge number of companies and methods out there. Where do you begin?

our method is as simple as it gets.

Seriously. It's straight forward, simple and easy to learn. You'll watch the videos, grab your sister, BFF or a mannequin head, practice for a couple of hours, and you'll get it. Sure ... there will be curve balls thrown at you with different clients here and there, challenges that may stump you for a minute or two, but that's what your coach is there for!

If you already do extensions ... you're going to be shocked at the simpleness of what we're teaching, and all the problems that you've encountered in the past with other methods will suddenly all make sense.

The class is us. Three of us, anyway. One of us demonstrating, one of us in the chair, and one of us doing the voiceover. It's not fancy, although we did hire some film production guys that made it pretty cool. The point is simplicity. Glamorous ads, influencers, million dollar kits, gorgeous models and that high, high price tag on it all ... is just not what we're trying to achieve. We're stylists who have put a ton of hard work into something amazing. We're stylists who are excited to share with other stylists. We're stylists who are sick of watching the education that we all want and need become so financially unattainable that we're going into debt to take a 6 hour class with a catered lunch taught by a lady in a fancy hat.

here's what's next ...


Hopefully ... you have a few questions. You're about to spend almost $400 from an ad you saw on Facebook or Instagram, so check us out and ask away.

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Click this button and purchase our online course.


Your kit is shipped, and your coach will send you a text introducing herself and giving you her contact information.


Log in and start your videos. We want you to watch all the way through before you begin to practice, so dive in! Your kit will arrive any time now. P.S. the class videos and text are not optimized for a phone screen. It can be done, but it looks like hell, so be sure to do the course from a computer or laptop.


Don't forget about your coach! Ask any questions you can come up with! The reason we include this is because we know how frustrating it can be to think of something later, or to be struggling with something and have no where to turn. We're right here!!


Dig in. Practice. Text photos of your completed sections to your coach for feedback and advice. You've got this!


Feeling ready? Great! Now set up the business end. Our class includes a pricing structure that you can either follow exactly, or use as a basis to create your own. Either way ... don't forget this part!


Download our app. It's simple and makes placing hair orders quick and easy.


Spread the word! You are welcome to use any of the digital images from our website to create social media ads and posts to let the world know that you are now offering HEVN extensions!

we're pretty excited to meet you.

that's everything.

It's a lot. This has been a lot to read and think about and we get it. We'll be here later if you want to come back.  Before you leave though ... leave your email address. We promise not to send you a ton of crap ( nothing worse than that) but we will send you a " hello " now and then, as well as any promotions or sales that we run, and information on any new products.

let's keep in touch.

Thanks for subscribing!

thanks for checking us out!

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