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HEVN GENIUS wefts are here to completely change the hair extension game. Tiny wefts that can not only be cut to size, but sewn directly through. These wefts are 60% density (thick from top to end) yet thin enough to show the variations of your custom coloring. Genius wefts can be stacked without creating bulk. Best of all, there is no mustache and zero shedding.


This is a gorgeous versatile Beach Wave. It is easily blown out straight, naturally air dries with a soft loose wave, yet can be diffused with product for a naturally curly look. It is the perfect extension texture.


100% Remy, Full Cuticle, human Hair. Easily toned or colored to create the perfect blend for your client. We do NOT recommend lightening.


One full package equals 100 grams.


For 14" extensions, we suggest 50 grams for one volume row, or 100 grams for two rows.


For 18" extensions, we suggest 100 grams for normal density. Up to 150 grams for very full density.


For 22" extensions, we suggest 100 grams for light density, up to 200 grams for super full density.



  • HEVN GENIUS wefts are double the density of a regular hand tied weft, and thick all the way to the ends!  

    Each full package is 100 grams. You can also order colors and lengths in quarter (25g) 0r half quantities (50g)

    All HEVN hair is meant to be custom colored to blend seamlessly for your client. This Vanilla Bean color tones beautifully, and has a perfect root to give you a seamless, natural look.

    We DO NOT recommend lightening the hair.

    We recommend using REDKEN SHADES EQ, or other NON AMMONIA color.

    PLEASE see the Care + Maintenace page to learn how to best care for HEVN extensions.

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