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Welcome to HEVN extensions. We are a group of stylists dedicated to our craft. We are passionate about giving like minded stylists everywhere the ability to give their clients a way to wear hand tied beaded extensions, machine sewn wefts, genius wefts, no sew butterfly wefts, halos and toppers with zero damage to their natural hair.

Our installation method focuses on an even distribution of weight, ensuring that no portion of the hair is bearing weight that it cannot handle. Our secrets are in our beading method, our placement method, our stitching method, and the supplies and products we use.

Whether you are a stylist newly interested in offering extension services to your clients, or a stylist already offering extensions that's looking for a better way, we're so glad you're here. Take a look around, read about why we do what we do, and please feel free to email us with any questions you may have.



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