Client Pricing


something new

after many years of searching for the perfect, non-damaging, natural-looking extensions, we decided to create our own.

we knew how we wanted them to look, we knew how we wanted them to feel, and we knew we could do it better than anyone else.
we created a method using hand-tied human hair.

we created an invisible thread and bead application that is virtually undetectable.

the look is natural.

the feel is natural.

the damage is nonexistent.


empowering women

to have the hair they’ve always dreamed of by adding length and or volume. Giving them styling versatility and confidence in the way that they look, and more importantly in the way that they



straight forward

14`` HEVN


Hair will fall approximately 4`` below your shoulders.
*based on 2 rows, and 4 wefts of HEVN hair.

18`` HEVN


Hair will fall to lower mid-back.
*based on 2 rows, and 8 wefts of HEVN hair.

22`` HEVN


Hair will fall approximately to your waist.
* based on 2 rows, and 9 wefts of HEVN hair.

custom orders

Up to 40`` available through custom order.
Curly hair also available.

Tightening Service


Needed every 6 - 8 weeks.

* prices based on average amount of hair needed for each service. Price adjustments will be made for more or less hair needed.