Behind The Brand. Our Why.

Behind The Brand. Our Why.

After 15+ years of doing every type of hair extension in our salon, we began to get extremely frustrated. Not only at the quality of hair that we were receiving from hair companies that we had been working with for years, but also frustrated at the damage that we were seeing in our clients own hair.
Hand Tied

something new

We were mainly focusing on tape in methods at this time, and began to look for alternatives.

Our search led us to hand tied wefts, and the many bead and string methods available. We researched as much as we could until we found what we believed to be the holy grail, and set out on a plane to become certified in this latest and seemingly greatest technique.

We did it...

THOUSANDS of dollars later, and armed with excitement and motivation, we began to use this newly learned technique on our clients. The extensions looked amazing … and we were over the moon.

Fast forward to eight weeks later when our clients began to return for their tightening services…

We were horrified as one by one we were confronted with bald spots on the scalps where the beads had torn out their hair, and sagging string that had stretched from the weight of the wefts.

We stopped immediately. We cancelled all new installation appointments and began to focus on creating a better way. The idea of the beads and sewn in wefts was great, but there had to be a way to right the wrongs, make the technique perfect, to be able to promise our clients a damage free method, and to be proud and confident in the service we were providing.


After 18 months of complete concentration and testing, we are very proud to introduce you to